Administration Support

Is your business suffering from a lack of time and resources? That is where VirtualGo can help you out!

VirtualGo is delighted to offer administration support packages to small businesses in Suffolk and throughout the UK. It can be exceptionally challenging to keep on top of your administrative tasks whether you are running a start-up or a more established SME. From bookkeeping to organising travel arrangements, if you or your valuable team members are spending all of your time handling admin, then this can hold you back and prevent your business from excelling.

Organisations who invest in professional administration support will reap the benefits of regaining their time. You will never miss a business opportunity again when you rely on VirtualGo to help you prosper.

Full Range of Executive Administration Support

With more than 25 years of experience in senior management administration support, you can be assured that our breadth of services covers everything your business may need to outsource.

Diary Management

Keeping on top of your appointments can be a real headache, so why not outsource your calendar and diary management to VirtualGo as part of your administration support? We will take over the booking of your appointments, making sure that there are no clashes and that your meetings are plotted logically throughout your preferred working hours.

Email Management

Email management is one of our most popular executive administration support services. If your Inbox is out of control, we can easily get on top of this time-consuming chore. You can expect us to sift through the junk, respond to basic queries, organise your email folders and for us to notify you about the most urgent messages that need to be dealt with.


Whether you need minutes from a meeting typing up, a blog post uploaded to a CMS, or a professional letter to be designed, typing and formatting are all part of the service when you book an administration support package with VirtualGo.

Project Research

If you do not have the necessary time to carry out research for an upcoming project, then let us take this off your plate. Your administration support package will include all the necessary internet and phone-based research to provide you with the information you need.

Travel arrangements and itineraries

Need a flight booked? Or a hotel with decent WiFi? We have got you covered. Booking your travel is simple when you invest in executive administration support. If any of your plans change and need modifying, then this is all taken care of on your behalf.

Event coordination

Holding a business event (even a virtual business event), involves a great deal of preparation and planning. From booking an appropriate time and location, to sending out invitations and organising the schedule of events, you can be assured that your company event will run smoothly.

Arranging Your Administration Support

Remember that your executive administration support package will be flexible and bespoke, so you pay for the exact solutions you need.

Get in touch with VirtualGo on 07780 849549 or email to get started.