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Agile resilience - your survival tactic

Agile resilience – as many companies have discovered – is the secret of surviving huge challenges like the Covid-19 pandemic long enough to make it through to the other side.

A useful article from McKinsey & Company picks out the key points that characterise agile resilience – but for smaller companies it can be a real challenge to follow their advice.

Unless, of course, they have a little help…

So how can a sole trader or a micro-business follow what their bigger competitors do to succeed?

The most important point comes close to the start of the article. Big companies work out which of their processes are the most critical. Then they create backup plans to ensure those processes will continue – and practice ‘wargaming’ to test those plans to destruction.

But big companies have a handicap that small companies don’t. With so many people involved in any one process, bad communication can hamper constructive change, or even stop it altogether. For a smaller company, that’s a much smaller problem – but it also still comes with an inherent disadvantage. With fewer people involved – and all of them close to the issues – it can be very hard indeed to ‘think outside the box’.

And that’s where a virtual assistant can come to the rescue.

How a virtual assistant can deliver agile resilience

As a sole trader – or a small enterprise – your options are limited by what you know. Because it’s unlikely that you will know all the options available to you.

A virtual assistant, pretty much by definition, has experience of a whole range of different systems and solutions. Meaning that they’re much better placed to point you to something you might never have thought about. Or even heard of.

Better yet, because they’ve had experience of that system, they can tell you what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s downright ugly! And which of a range of systems is likely to be best for your business and for your particular team.

It’s possible, of course, that your team simply won’t have a particular skill set that your business needs to operate a radical new solution. In which case that same virtual assistant can step in to handle a specific issue while your staff get to grips with it – in the most cost-effective way possible. Because you won’t have to take them on as an employee. And you’ll only pay for the time they spend.

And there's much, much more that an experienced virtual assistant can do to help your business. So much, in fact, that we'll be talking about it again once you've got Christmas and New Year out of the way. And you're ready to make plans for a new and (hopefully) much less challenging year ahead...


If you’re struggling to deliver agile resilience for your business, struggle no longer. Just give us a call on 07780849549 or drop us an email, and we’ll be delighted to discuss your specific needs. And help you find exactly the solutions you need to win through to a brighter future.


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