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Business focus goes back to school

Business focus is something most of us struggle to achieve. It's so easy to get distracted by what's urgent in the here and now. And neglect what's important for the future.

But at least it's a little easier now that children are going back to school.

If you've had children at home, you may also have taken on a new role. As their teacher.

If nothing else, that's given us all a chance to appreciate how difficult teaching can be. And what a valuable service teachers provide to the community.

But - perhaps - it's also delivered an important business lesson.

A lesson in time management

Doing a job that you've not been trained for - and for which you have no experience - is a challenge. And challenges help us grow. But they also take a huge amount of time and energy. So if you've also been trying to run your own business, your business focus may well have suffered as a result.

If it hasn't, that's great! But the lesson remains. What other jobs do you find challenging because you've never been trained to do them? How much of your time do they take up? Could you make better use of that time? And are you doing them yourself because they're urgent - and neglecting what's important?

Spending less time on jobs like bookkeeping, telephone answering, database management, invoicing and credit control gives you more time for what matters. Doing what you get paid for. And, of course, planning the future of your business.

That's not just important - it's vital. But it's usually the job that gets put on the back burner. 

The role of a good virtual assistant is to give you back the time you need for the right kind of business focus. To give you the time you need to plan for the future. With the confidence that all your urgent issues are in safe hands.

If that sounds like a plan, please do give me a call on 07780 849549 or send me an email. I'd be delighted to learn more about your business - and to suggest the most effective ways I can help you.


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