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Santa's little helper?

Let's face it, in 2020 Santa has a problem.

OK, it helps that he lives at the North Pole, so he should have no trouble storing the Pfizer vaccine. But the elves, sadly, are not on the priority list for receiving it. Santa might be... but he can't convince the Authorities that he isn't just a Mythical Archetype.

Which doesn't help with the downtime at Santa's workshop. Since apparently elves are just as susceptible to the bug as the rest of us.

It also means he can't get listed as an Essential Service. Even though he is. (Ask any child...!)

The reindeer, at least, have herd immunity. But with millions of children in Tier 3 lockdown he can't even take his sleigh across the county border. So London, don't expect to be hearing his Jingle Bells any time soon. Never mind going into houses, even if he could get there.

Time for Santa to pivot, perhaps? But that's tricky when you've been working the same way for several centuries. Which does, of course, also mean that you may - just - have lost touch with some current trends. After all, these days there are amazing innovations every year. Every month, sometimes.

For example...

Take delivery services. Plenty of choice these days, and they are allowed to visit every house in the country. And with a little help from the adults there's no reason why any child not on the Naughty List shouldn't be getting their presents as usual.

Workshop production down? Time to outsource, then. (Just think how many small manufacturers would be happy to take on some new work!)

And organising it all? Ah. That's where Santa's little helper comes in. Transferring Santa's handwritten lists to a state of the art ordering system. Managing suppliers, packaging, warehousing and delivery rosters. Making sure that Mr Claus (and Mrs Claus) can make it through Christmas without a nervous breakdown.

(Which should make for fewer arguments on Christmas Day in the Claus family...)

Because that's what we do at VirtualGo. Though admittedly not quite on the scale of Claus Enterprises...

So if you're looking for a helper once the Annus Horribilis (as Her Majesty might call it) is behind us, please do give us a call on 07780849549 or drop us an email.

Think of it as a Christmas present to yourself - and a great start to a brand new year.


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