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Time to spring clean your business?

Makeovers are quite the thing at the moment. Hardly surprising when so many of us have been staring at the same four walls for over a year! Building supplies are doing a roaring trade, and houses all over the country are enjoying the smell of fresh paint. (If ‘enjoying’ is the right word…)

So what about your business?

Perhaps you’re fortunate. It could be that your work has been relatively unaffected by the pandemic, and you’ve simply been able to carry on regardless.

Perhaps you’re less fortunate, and your business has suffered a major hit.

Either way, it’s entirely possible that your business may be feeling a bit like those all too familiar four walls. Seriously in need of a makeover…

A good, thorough spring clean could well be in order. Brushing away the cobwebs. Clearing out the junk. Refreshing the look. Trying something new.

So where do you start?

Brushing away the cobwebs

If it’s a few years since you started the business, it’s very likely that some of the things you do – and some of the ways you do them – are no longer really necessary. You’re doing them because that's what you’ve always done, not because you have to. That’s a cobweb. If, however, that particular cobweb is doing a good job of catching irritating flies, you may want to leave it alone. The important thing is to make that decision sensibly.

Clearing out the junk

Then there are the legacy products and services. The things that – now – barely earn their keep. Do they justify the time and effort you’re putting into them? Or would it be better to wind them gently down and concentrate on what generates the most profit?

Refreshing the look

Have you checked out your website lately? Does it still properly represent what your business is and does? Does it need an update – or even a complete makeover?

Take a long, hard look, bearing in mind that your website is your window on the world – the window through which potential customers are looking at you. You don’t want that view to be so badly distorted that they won’t recognise you when you respond to an enquiry.

Trying something new

It’s possible that your spring clean has got rid of so many cobwebs, and so much junk, that you’re now able to think about a completely new project. Something you’ve always wanted to try. And now’s the time to try it, when the world is changing so much, and so fast, that none of us can be sure what’s round the corner.

But – like anything new – that’s challenging. And – like anything new – it can be good to talk about it with someone who’s not involved before you take the plunge.


If you need a little help with your spring clean – or your new venture – why not talk to someone with wide-ranging experience of many different businesses? Someone who can give you an honest, dispassionate response to your thoughts and ideas? Who can point out the cobwebs, and the junk, and suggest how to get rid of them?

If that sounds like a good idea, we’d be delighted to help! Just give us a call on 07780849549 or drop us an email.


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