Start Up Support

If you have a great idea for a business, then VirtualGo are excited to support you before, during and after you launch. Start-up owners can wear many hats as they take on the entire responsibilities of the business without necessarily having the skills to juggle so many roles. There are only so many hours in the day, and without the delegation of key tasks, some may slip through the net. Who says that great leaders need to be experts in accounts, marketing, IT and admin? The truth is that very few people are capable of reaching excellent standards in every aspect of business. The key to success is knowing when to call in the expertise of others, which is exactly where our Kickstart business start-up support packages come in.

Kickstart Small Business Start Up Support

VirtualGo offers start up support for small businesses in Suffolk, as well as throughout the UK, to help you become an established brand name within your niche. We can assist with admin and accounting tasks on an ongoing basis, but we are also committed to supporting you in raising awareness about your business.

The business start-up support services we offer include:

•    Branding 
•    Website Design 
•    Template Design 


Developing your brand identity is a crucial part of putting you on the map, and goes beyond choosing a catchy name and picking an eye-catching logo. Branding begins with determining what the mission and objectives of your company are. As part of our business start-up training, we will work with you to explore what the ethos of your organisation is and how you differ from competitors in the market. By defining the true values of your company, we can then begin to work on creating your company name, logo, style and textual elements of your branding.

Putting in the background steps before launch is essential to ensure that you are portraying a consistent brand image across all marketing channels. From social media to print advertising, your branding should appeal to your target audience.

Website Design

Many of your potential customers may begin their relationship with your brand by landing on your website. Therefore, it will need to look attractive and be capable of engaging with your target audience, so that you can convert those clicks into sales and enquiries. Website design is an essential part of your start up support and certainly a component of your marketing strategy which you will want in place before launch. Your web pages will incorporate your branding elements as defined in the first step of our start up support for small businesses.

Template Design

VirtualGo will apply your branding to a variety of templates which you can use before, during and after launch. Your design work can be incorporated into:

•    Leaflets 
•    Business cards 
•    Letterheads 
•    Powerpoint presentations 
•    Corporate gifts 
•    Christmas cards 

Getting Started With Start Up Support for Small Businesses in Suffolk

Delegating some of your start up support tasks will be one of the smartest business decisions you make. Free up your time so you can spend more hours progressing your new venture, safe in the knowledge that you have fantastic business branding in place.
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